Armature, Valve, Faucet and Plumbing Equipment Industrialists Association
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Armature, Valve, Faucet and Plumbing Equipment Industrialists Association (ARMATUR) was established with the aim of undertaking serious responsibility for the development of the sector vision by gathering the companies active in Armature, Valve, Faucet and Plumbing Equipment industry on a common ground and to give direction to strategic studies with this perspective.

Among the biggest goals of our association are to make our sectors stronger and to have a say worldwide in the future and to contribute to Turkey’s economic development.

By carrying out studies on the problems of each sector and our companies, our association is ready undertake important tasks in order to make our voices heard as one and to carry our country to where it should be.


To help our members increase their business volume, to realize the flow of information that increases their competitive power in the national and international market, to ensure their continuous development and to provide the necessary support for this purpose.

To comply with the international standards and to ensure that acting environmentally sensitive is an institute culture in line with an understanding based on high technology, production.

To stand against the unfair, even though they are strong; to stand by the right, even though they are weak.

To activate the entrepreneurial spirit at all stages of economic of economic activities based on free enterprise and to ensure its prevalence.

To create continuous, permanent and beneficial projects by considering the resources of the country and the needs of humanity; to fulfill our duty to realize these projects.

To bring together the capital, the producer and the project owner to lead the production that will be effective in the global market.


As an effective stakeholder that directs the climate, developments and structuring of the sector, to be a non-governmental organization ensuring the sector to develop across the world industry by increasing the sustainable competitiveness and competitive power and capabilities of the companies within the activities and the scope of the association.