Armature, Valve, Faucet and Plumbing Equipment Industrialists Association
Membership Terms

Membership Terms

Armature, Valve, Faucet and Plumbing Equipment Industrialists Association (ARMATUR) started its activities on 10.01.2019 with the support and contributions of the companies within Armature Valve Faucet Installation Equipment and Valve sector. Our Association is a non-governmental organization, aiming for the recognition of the companies in the sector at home and abroad.

It carries out its activities so that the companies in the Armature, Valve, Faucet and Installation Equipment sector increase their production, quality and efficiency, to use their developments within the sector they provide services more efficiently and to have a say across the world.

The Association, consisting of 47 companies and valuable representatives of them, aims to strengthen the structure of the association by adding the companies within its area of activity.

The members of the Board of Directors consisting of 7 people and the members of the Supervisory Board convene once a month at the headquarters of the Association and listen to the problems of the sector, the wishes of its members and try to find solutions.

Our Association extends the meetings of the board of directors that are held every three and six months, invites the representatives of the member companies of the association and keeps being informed on the agenda by inviting a guest who will be useful to the sector.

The five committees established within the structure of our association with the aim of contributing to the development of the sector, continue their monthly activities at the headquarters of the association and make visits by contacting the institutions which are of interest to the sector. Our Committees consist of the representatives directed by the member companies of the association.

The membership evaluation for the companies wishing to join our Association is carried out by our Board of Directors by inspecting first their business ethics and then the activities within the sector.

For information about companies wishing to become a member of our Association; please call +90 212 875 46 66 or send an e-mail to

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